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I’m a Nobody Filmmaker

“I’m a nobody filmmaker: I don’t have a recognizable name nor a recognizable film.

In essence, most of the world couldn’t care less about me nor my movies.”

— Christopher J. Boghosian

These are words that begin a very interesting, and thought provoking blog post on the Hope for Film site. Its a great post that delves into the honest truth that filmmakers have to earn credibility, hype and leverage. Unless your name is Spielberg, Tarantino, or Coppola (Pictured Above) no one is going to give you money to make your film. You have to earn the right to ask people for money.

How do you earn it? By making films!

So instead of trying to come up with the next big hit, or hyping up your film as the next big thing….just make films. Make films within your means with favors, begging , and sneaking around filming locations.

“An expert baker who has studied and worked for years would scoff at a novice attempting to develop a great loaf of bread. It takes years of trial-and-error, blood, sweat and tears to bake great bread.”

I think people are to quick to call themselves a Filmmaker just because they buy a new and fancy camera. It takes years for study, practice, and experience to learn any craft. You have to understand all aspects of Filmmaking including; Acting, Writing, Art Design, Sound, Music, and most important Storytelling.

This post is a great read for anyone starting out, or us old veterans looking for inspiration. I’m defiantly inspired to go out, and continue to develop my craft. I’ll also continue to look for support from my friends, family, and small handful of fans that watch my films, read my blog, and comment on my work in general.