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Web Series | Mortal Kombat Legacy

Hot off the heels of the recent Mortal Kombat Video Game Reboot, which brought the game back to it’s “Humble”¬†beginnings, comes a new Web Series from Warner Bros., Nether Realm Studios, and distributed via YouTube by Machinima. Director Kevin Tancharoen has brought the failed film franchise back to life with a more realistic, and gritty¬†interpretation of the action saga.

Wikipedia actually has a pretty detailed description of the creation of the series starting with Tancharoen’s self financed Mortal Kombat Rebirth (Below), his meetings with MK creator Ed Boon, and the eventual filming of the series.

Reviews have been mixed, but I love it. It’s without a doubt the best produced web series I’ve seen, and the action sequences are shot really well. New episodes debut on Monday nights, and there are already talks of a season 2.

Check it out!