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Trailer | Boss

Starz just premiered the trailer for their new Fall 2011 show “Boss” starring Kelsey Grammer as the Mayor of Chicago. Boss is being filmed here in Chicago @ Cinespace Studios on the West Side. The trailer doesn’t tell us much about the series or the story, but it does set-up Grammer as a tough as nails politician.

Here is Starz official synopsis of the show……

“Ruthless politician Mayor Tom Kane (Grammer) sits like a spider at the center of Chicago’s web of power. But underneath it all, Kane hides a crushing secret. His trusted advisors Kitty O’Neill (Roberston) and Ezra Stone (Donovan) know better than to ask questions. Kane’s wife Meredith (Nielsen) knows nothing. Only Emma (Hannah Ware), Kane’s estranged daughter, has a chance of uncovering the truth. This is going to be the toughest term yet for the Boss.”

Boss Premieres October 21st.


Down Down Down The Heat Going Down

Shout out to the Bulls for easily taking out the ATL Hawks tonight. I’ve been waiting for this match up for a year! I want them to win this series even more than I want a Championship. Here’s to The Bulls in 7, and all the drama that comes with it.

News | Cinespace Studios Breaks Ground In Chicago

This past Tuesday Il. Gov. Pat Quinn, and Nick Mirkopoulos broke ground on a new 48 acre state of the art film studio on the city’s West Side.

In an article by the Chicago Sun-Times, it details the Studio and the State’s plan to build the studio in order to attract more big time productions to roll into town. In turn creating an estimated 8, 000 jobs for the film and television community.

The first production being the forth coming TV Series titled “Boss” starring Kelsey Grammer as the “Mayor of Chicago”.

On the heels of Fox’s cancellation of their under-performing series, The Chicago Code, this is a sigh of relief for everyone in the Film/TV community.

It’s an exciting time for filmmaking in Chicago.

Event | Film Premier – Love Evaluated

On Saturday, June 11th Director Larry Greene of Indept Pictures will be screening his latest feature film Love Evaluated. The film tells the story of a Relationship expert that can’t quite get it right himself.

This is Larry’s 2nd feature film. Check out the trailer below, and hit the links for more on Love Evaluated.

Music Video | Goonie J – Raised Me

Check out the latest from Goonie J from Chicago Production CO. seeOURvision. Directed by Jay Caves.

Music Video : Vakill – I Came 4 U

Here’s a new video from Sense Hernandez for Vakill’s new single off his upcoming album, Armor of God, released by Molemen Records out of Chicago.

Short Film | 36A (Student Short)

I wanted to start posting some of my past work for those who are not familiar with what I’ve been doing for the past decade. Wow that makes me sound old. Lol!

So here’s a short I did in 2007 while in the film department at Columbia College Chicago. This was my final project for Film Production 2, where we shot all our films on 16mm Bolex cameras. This was a great experience because I totally made this on the fly after my original idea fell through.

The set was something that a classmate had already built in his attic for his final film. So in a crunch he let me alter it a bit, and film last minute.I defiantly see some Italian Horror Film  Director Lucio Fulci influence in this film. Which was intentional because I was, and still am a huge fan of his work. His films where about atmosphere and tension instead of big scares.

This film is pretty much as experimental of a film as I’ll make. Like all good film school students, I’m not going to reveal the REAL meaning behind the film, but please leave your thoughts below.

Until next time….All the best.