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Trailer | Boss

Starz just premiered the trailer for their new Fall 2011 show “Boss” starring Kelsey Grammer as the Mayor of Chicago. Boss is being filmed here in Chicago @ Cinespace Studios on the West Side. The trailer doesn’t tell us much about the series or the story, but it does set-up Grammer as a tough as nails politician.

Here is Starz official synopsis of the show……

“Ruthless politician Mayor Tom Kane (Grammer) sits like a spider at the center of Chicago’s web of power. But underneath it all, Kane hides a crushing secret. His trusted advisors Kitty O’Neill (Roberston) and Ezra Stone (Donovan) know better than to ask questions. Kane’s wife Meredith (Nielsen) knows nothing. Only Emma (Hannah Ware), Kane’s estranged daughter, has a chance of uncovering the truth. This is going to be the toughest term yet for the Boss.”

Boss Premieres October 21st.


8 Count Boxing Fight Night Intro

Here’s a “Hype” video I edited for 8 Count Productions, who put on the boxing events @ UIC Pavilion. It debuted last night before the main event. I’ll more than likely be adding more to the fonts, and adding new knock outs as they happen.

Trailer | The Playboy Club

NBC just released the trailer for their new series The Playboy Club. A show about the Playboy Club Chicago in 1960. The creators of Mad Men are bringing their game to Prime time TV, and it looks pretty good. It’s filmed in that dark dramatic style much like Mad Men, but extra sexy.

A portion of the show was shot here in Chicago in front of the Original Playboy Club on 116 E. Walton St. Hopefully this show doesn’t suffer the same fate as The Chicago Code.

Take a Look……

Trailer | Captain American: The First Avenger (FULL TRAILER)

The first full trailer for the upcoming Captain America movie as been leaked, and Super Hero Hype has it. Amazing!!!!

Click Here!!!!

Trailer | Revenge of the Nerds (X-Men: First Class)

So I’m coming to terms with the fact that I’m not a daily blog type of writer. I just can not sit, and write daily. I can’t think about writing after thinking about tons of other crap the whole day.

To cheer myself up I decided to watch this……

This looks epic! I’m not sure of origin of the script (that’s another blog), but from the looks of it the Producers are trying to re-boot the X-Men franchise. I don’t blame them. X-Men: Last Stand was a weak final installment of the recent Trilogy started by Bryan Singer (Who is Producing X-Men: First Class).

Considering trailers are made to make you WANT to see a film, it’ll be interesting to see how the movie does. So far I like it.

I had a quick conversation with a friend earlier in the week about how all the things people used to make fun of nerds for doing (Reading Comic Books, Playing Video Games, etc…) are all BIG business now. As of 2009 video game sales reaches as much as $10 billion, and comic books / graphic novels reached over $400 million. It’s no wonder Hollywood has been looking for more original content in these two industries. Who wouldn’t when you already have a built in fan base.

Unless you get it completely wrong……

Until next time.

Trailer | Captain America: The First Avenger

As a young Filmmaker I told myself there are 5 movies that I would love to make.

This is one of them.

As a child Captain America was one of my favorite Comic Book Heroes. A man genetically modified to be a fighting symbol for this country. In a time when America was at it’s proudest. Fighting Nazi’s and saving the world from evil on both coasts.

I personally think its pretty cool for a super hero to not have powers to take down the villain. Much like Batman, in the DC Verse, Captain America uses this physical prowess, and tactical skill to get the job done.

So it’s no surprise to know that I was ecstatic when I heard they were making a Cap film. With Marvel now in control of all their character properties, they now tying all their films together leading up to the big Avengers film in 2012.

During Super Bowl XLV, Paramount and Marvel Studios released their first TV Spot revealing the transformation of Steve Rogers into Captain America. It also featured some quick action scenes, and an appearance of the Red Skull. Also from the looks of it, the producers are keeping the story in WW II era, and probablly ending with Cap joining the Avengers.

I can’t wait!!!

Official Captain America: The First Avenger Website

Trailer | Happliy After


Producer/Director John Klein

Notre Dame Alum, John Klein, has been making film, music videos, and anything else involving a camera in Chicago since 2006. I had the great opportunity to work with him on several occasions, but most notably on a commercial I Produced and Directed for the City of Berwyn. Since then John and his team at Glass City Films has produced 3 feature films.

One of their latest, Happliy After, recently screened in Chicago, and was just released Independently on DVD. Happliy After is the story of Tristan (Ross Marquand), who falls for recent divorcee and single mom Trisha Reynolds (Sharina Martin). But when Trisha’s jealous ex-husband Matt (Jeff Garretson) enters the picture, Tristan finds himself in the middle of a twisted love triangle that turns his world upside-down after Trisha mysteriously goes missing. Check it out.