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Interview | Rod Serling

Here’s an interview with one of the best writers in the history of Television Narratives. Rod Serling was a pioneer for Science Fiction fans across the world. Before Star Trek, created by the great Gene Roddenberry, Twilight Zone was the show to watch for true science fiction.

Rod Serling was always a great inspiration to me in terms of storytelling, and shedding light on to Science Fiction as being a literary work of art. In these “Lost” interviews he talks about this, and producing Science Fiction on a small scale.

Some of the points he touches on are still relevant to this day. With all the tech advances and uncertainty in the world, I think Science Fiction stories can give us some insight on today’s world.



Trailer | Captain American: The First Avenger (FULL TRAILER)

The first full trailer for the upcoming Captain America movie as been leaked, and Super Hero Hype has it. Amazing!!!!

Click Here!!!!

Short Film | 36A (Student Short)

I wanted to start posting some of my past work for those who are not familiar with what I’ve been doing for the past decade. Wow that makes me sound old. Lol!

So here’s a short I did in 2007 while in the film department at Columbia College Chicago. This was my final project for Film Production 2, where we shot all our films on 16mm Bolex cameras. This was a great experience because I totally made this on the fly after my original idea fell through.

The set was something that a classmate had already built in his attic for his final film. So in a crunch he let me alter it a bit, and film last minute.I defiantly see some Italian Horror Film  Director Lucio Fulci influence in this film. Which was intentional because I was, and still am a huge fan of his work. His films where about atmosphere and tension instead of big scares.

This film is pretty much as experimental of a film as I’ll make. Like all good film school students, I’m not going to reveal the REAL meaning behind the film, but please leave your thoughts below.

Until next time….All the best.

Music Video | Rookie TV – H.O.M.E. feat. Tone of Feast Is Famine

Here’s the second video by Rookie Chi from his Wackest Mixtape Ever Project.

Music | Natalie Oliveri – Sweetest Goodbye (Cover) Maroon 5

Here’s the latest project I’m working on with uber talented Singer/Songwriter Natalie Oliveri. It’s the first of a series of covers she is performing live with acoustic accompaniment that we shot a few weeks ago.

There isn’t much I can say about this video that Natalie doesn’t already say with her amazing voice. Enjoy!

Music Video | Scheme – Billion Dollar Dream

I’ve been sitting on this for awhile so I apologize, but I’m getting back into the swing of at least posting cool video projects from Chicago.

Here is Hip Hop artist Scheme with his newest video Directed by Roger Morales of AyKid Shots. I’ve known Scheme for a few years through another artist Visual. From the looks of it Scheme as some great things brewing, and I wish him nothing, but the best.