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Trailer | Happliy After


Producer/Director John Klein

Notre Dame Alum, John Klein, has been making film, music videos, and anything else involving a camera in Chicago since 2006. I had the great opportunity to work with him on several occasions, but most notably on a commercial I Produced and Directed for the City of Berwyn. Since then John and his team at Glass City Films has produced 3 feature films.

One of their latest, Happliy After, recently screened in Chicago, and was just released Independently on DVD. Happliy After is the story of Tristan (Ross Marquand), who falls for recent divorcee and single mom Trisha Reynolds (Sharina Martin). But when Trisha’s jealous ex-husband Matt (Jeff Garretson) enters the picture, Tristan finds himself in the middle of a twisted love triangle that turns his world upside-down after Trisha mysteriously goes missing. Check it out.


Short Film | Death Event


Producer/Director Larry Greene

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Greene at the screening of my latest 48 Hour Film Project short, Delilah. However from the looks of it Larry has been in the game for some time now. Larry is one of those hardworking filmmakers that I have the highest respect for. Despite budget, resources and set backs he consistently produces a variety of films. I honestly see a lot of potential in his work, and I’m looking forward to seeing more.

His latest is a 10 min action thriller starring Charles Adames, Anthony “Finess” Cruz, and Giovanni Pauletti. I think the editing is pretty tight, and there is plenty of coverage in the action scenes. Check it out.

Music Video | Rookie TV – F.O.H. feat. Dee Jackson


Rookie Chi Founder of Rookie TV

If you haven’t seen anything from Rookie TV please take a moment to check it cause…..its HI-larious! Rookie Chi has been doing comedy sketches for sometime now, and his humor and wit is featured in his latest music video.

F.O.H. is a single off his mixtape, THE WACKEST MIXTAPE EVER. It features TONS of Chicago music talent, and my personal favorite Rashid Hadee.

I love the simplicity of this video, and the edits which showcase Rookie’s personal comedic timing. There’s also a tiny preview of his next video featuring Rashid Hadee.


A Filmmaker’s New Years Resolution

I know it’s pretty much February, and the excitement of the New Year has and gone, but I didn’t have the blog at that time. So I wanted to let everyone in on what I’ve been doing since the New Year as it relates to my career as a Filmmaker.

A still from Chicago Hip Hop Artist Visual's "What's Up Joe" Music Video

On January 1st Filmmaker Magazine posted a blog titled NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS FOR FILMMAKERS. The post basically challenges all filmmakers to try something different this year like a new genre, polish your image on and off line, work for others, read more and so fourth. However my biggest interest was #3…..SEE THE ESSENTIAL 100.

Legendary Japanese Actor Toshirō Mifune in Seven Samurai

The Toronto International Film Festival released a list of the 100 most essential films that define cinema. I’ve honestly have seen about a 1/4 of the films on this list. Which as a filmmaker I feel ashamed cause I don’t make it a point to see movies all the time. Well I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to start again.

So I guess the 2nd reason for my posting of this info is to see who’s up to the challenge. I feel like we all get so wrapped up in our own projects we forget to, or neglect the fact that we have to help each other. Help each other as fellow filmmakers, artists, and struggling individuals. Because in all reality we need all  the help we can get. It’s also a great chance to see all the films that shaped the way movies are made today.

Peter O'Toole (Left) and Omar Sharif in a scene from Lawrence of Arabia

Who’s with me?

News | Natalie Oliveri Reaches Her Kickstarter Goal

Natalie Oliveri on tour in Italy

I just wanted to take a moment a congratulate Chicago Singer/Songwriter Natalie Oliveri for successfully reaching her Kickstarter goal over the weekend. Sometime before Christmas, this Latin Soul Songstress set out to raise $3,000 to back her first full length album, and over the weekend she surpassed that number by a couple of hundred.

A little Amy Winehouse, some Adele, and all original Latin Rhythms makes for an eclectic mix of musical genres when she creates a song. Natalie defiantly has her own style, and based on some of the new tracks I’ve we are all in for a treat.

I’ve had the great pleasure of working with Ms. Oliveri on most of her video endeavors, and look forward to some future music videos for this upcoming album. Below is the video I shot and edited for her Kickstarter campaign. Filmed with a Canon 7D w/ a 28mm and 50mm Lens.

Music Video | U Dot Fam – Hoody Weather


Chicago's Goonie J (Far Left), Esohel (Left), NY's Emilio Rojas (Center), Dir. Sense Hernandez (Right)

Here’s a new music video by Chicago Filmmaker Sense Hernandez for Chicago’s own U Dot Fam. Filmed with a Canon 5D, I think this video really shows off it’s low light capabilities.

This video reminds me of some old school Wu-Tang videos. I also like the Darren Aronofsky inspired shots (The Wrestler) of following the characters on the streets, and into buildings. Great Job!


NFC Championship Game | Bear Down!!!

One of the best things about Sunday’s game was the show of force by the Chicago faithful. As I explained to a Co-Worked on Saturday, “This is a Bears town, and always will be.”

All the die hards come out for this game….Bears and Packers fans alike. Despite the outcome it was a special day that 60K+ were there to experience, and will never forget.

Surveying the field

Bears DT Anthony Adams

Bears DT Israel Idonije

Pappa Bear George Halas

Me just before Kick Off

Game Time!